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Hyundai Forklifts and Warehousing Equipment

The product variety comprises of Battery, LPG, Petrol and Diesel versions. The capacity varies form 1.5 ton up to 25 ton ( in Diesel version) from 1 ton up to 5 Ton (for Battery version), and 1 ton up to 7 ton ( LPG version) . the models are extremely versatile in application and low on maintenance. They are also having comprehensive range of Warehousing products, Tow trucks , Stackers,Order Pickers, Pallet trucks and several other equipment for Material Handling operations. Hyundai products come with

• High Power & superior Performance
• Smooth running, efficient and ergonomically designed series are made to meet your needs.
• Comfortable Operation for the drivers

Are Highly economic in operation, recover the capital cost soon

• Ergonomically designed with the operator in mind!
• Endurance & Safety parameters incorporated
• Enhanced product life through high durability!
• Durability and extremely  Easy on  Maintenance
• Centralized design for easy service!
• Compact forklift with proven technology

Forklift Trucks
Diesel Forklift - 1000 kg to 25,000 kg lifting capacity
Battery Forklifts available 1000 kg - 5000 kg

Forklift Trucks

• Superior Power & Optimal Performance
• Comfortable Operation
• Durability, Easy Maintenance
• New High Visibility for Safe Operation

Forklift Trucks


Environmentally - Friendly

Revolutionizing the productivity in the material industry!

Maximize the productivity of your business with our powerful and agile electric trucks. With our vast experience in the production of construction equipment, Hyundai is able to meet the demands of our consumers. 40TA-7/15PA-7, produced by Hyundai are not only economical, environmentally friendly and allow for convenient maintenance, but their improved maneuverability and quiet operation make our products the most widely-used towing maintenance truck in trade and distribution companies around the world.

LPG / Petrol Forklift

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Hyundai Warehousing Equipment

After successful Launch of Forklifts, Reach trucks and selling record number of units in short time,Class III products have also been launched by Hyundai with world class range of Battery Operated Pallet Trucks, Stackers, Hand Pallet trucks of wide varieties. The units are rugged and versatile in application , proven and tested. Units are air and dust tight, strong chasis,rigid frame and reliable electrical system make them leaders in their class.

Hyundai Warehousing Equipment
Electric Pallet Truck Electric Pallet Truck (Rider Type)
Electric Pallet Truck Hyundai Warehousing Equipment
Electric Pallet Truck with Double Pallet (Rider Type) Electric Stacker
Hyundai Warehousing Equipment Hyundai Warehousing Equipment
Electric Stacker Manual Hand Pallet Truck
Hyundai Warehousing Equipment Manual Hand Pallet Truck

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