Novel Industrial Equipment Services


The HR department constantly evaluates and upgrades the skill requirements of staff.

Management is guided by employee care policy and the atmosphere is highly conducive for healthy working interaction. Management believes in encouraging high performers with adequate rewards. Organization participates in various employee welfare programs and has charitable disposition.

We welcome young, talented technicians and professionals in field of material handling equipment. Please check our recruitment plans as we are in process of expansion of operations and broad basing our network.


We have certain simple Code of conducts for all our employees and staff generally in line with our values and beliefs.

All our employees during the office work hours are expected to act with honesty and professional integrity.

They are supposed to protect companies Assets(design, property, tools, materials, devices, equipment, spares, technology etc). Senior officers, members, Directors are required to update with applicable Local customs, Laws and regulations and ensure its implementation. Company related information should be treated confidential.


We strongly believe that all efforts need to be taken in minimizing the wastages and causing least damage to environment. Policy of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE is adopted for all the scarce resources available at our disposal.